Bath’s Best View

View from Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park is THE place to photograph Bath. It’s the most accessible of the skyline views of Bath and almost certainly the best. You can also see this location on our photo map of Bath.

The daytime photos in this post were taken in mid May, an hour or so before sunset. That’s a good time to get some direction on the light and bring the houses into relief. The night skyline was taken about 15 minutes after sunset

There are actually three separate viewpoints in the park over Beechen Cliff. Some of them have trees in the way, but you can test your ingenuity using the leaves to frame famous buildings such as the Abbey. Incidentally, if you look at old views from Beechen Cliff, such as this one, there were rather fewer trees back then.

If you have a long lens, 200mm or so, you can flatten out the buildings on the hills across the river. A telephoto can also isolate individual landmarks such as the Abbey. When I took these photos St. Michael’s church was shrouded in scaffolding and red sheeting. That repair work that is due to spoil the skyline view until winter 2015.

Alexandra Park probably isn’t the best place to shoot the Royal Crescent from afar. I’m not sure where that is (perhaps a balloon?). But as a friend pointed out, this view would make an excellent jigsaw!

[Update Jan 2016. The scaffolding is gone!]