Cameras and caffeine

2015-08-16 10.26.59

Cameras and coffee go hand in hand. Well, obviously you want to be careful about carrying your camera with a coffee in your hand, but caffeine is an aid to weary photographers.

So here are three of my favourite Bath coffee shops out of the many excellent tea and coffee shops in the city.

The Bear Pad (Bear Flat)

bearpadI’m often in this cafe, as it’s on my usual walk down into Bath. It is right at the top of Holloway, the old road into Bath from the south. It’s opposite the wonderful Rolfey’s Antiques and just up the road from the Magdalen Chapel. It’s also at the bottom of Beechen Cliff and Alexandra Park, where you can get some of the best views of Bath. Perfect for taking a break before you head back into Bath.

Their coffee is made with beans from the Round Hill Roastery in Radstock. The cafe also sells lots of local jams, juice, organic produce and even cheese by Alex James of Blur fame. There are pottery and paintings by local artists on sale too.

Society Cafe (Kingsmead Square)

Society CafeThere are two society cafes in Bath: one in Kingsmead Square and a smaller one (very small, actually) opposite the front of the Guildhall. They are both in the running for the most Instagrammable cafes in Bath, and are pretty trendy as cafes here go. You don’t have to have a beard to get in, but it probably helps. (Allowances made for women).

The cafe in Kingsmead Square has a cosy downstairs and an excellent selection of photobooks you can browse as you enjoy your coffee.

Time Out Espresso Bar (Guildhall Market)

Time Out Espresso Snack BarOne of the more unusual Bath coffee shops. This cafe is quietly tucked away inside the Guildhall market, right in the center of Bath. It is themed on an American Diner, apparently, but the concept seems to have drifted a little as the menu includes crumpets with marmite or jam. The cafe’s decor features an impressive collection of clocks (a connection to the name, no doubt).

Perhaps because its a bit tricky to find the cafe seems to be a little less busy than the ones around the Abbey. So it’s a good spot for a quick relaxed coffee before heading out to take more photos. Don’t forget to look up at the market roof for an interesting photo.

I’ve added these cafes to the Bath Photo Map, which is marked with lots of other useful places for photographers in Bath.