Camera Settings no.4: Photos of Castle Combe, UK by Patricia Meakins


“Don’t be precious about your photography, share your skill, enjoy looking and learn to see.” Photographer Patricia Meakins shares photos from her home of Castle Combe, UK.

What kind of place is Castle Combe?

Castle Combe is a village which takes its name from the 12th century castle which existed some 600 metres from the village. It is a busy, friendly village with a lovely community.




Why did you choose these photos of Castle Combe?

I chose these photos as they were taken quite a long time ago, and it shows that over the years little has changed within the village.

I’ve got just one hour to take photos in Castle Combe. Where should I go?

If you have just one hour then you can take a myriad of photos, from the 14th century market cross, the notable Dower House, and 1826 national school now a private residence but a functioning school until a few years ago, the weavers cottages adjacent to the byebrook, and you only have to walk a few yards.

What camera kit couldn’t you live without?

Much I could live without, but I would hate to lose my 24-70 Canon lens, love it.

Why photography?

Photography is therapy, just to capture life on a day to day basis, and the thrill of getting home to see what and how you have captured what you feel you have seen through the day.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned taking photos?

My most important lesson I have learned taking photos is don’t be precious about your photography, share your skill, enjoy looking and learn to see.

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