The below refers to the Classic Bath Photo Tour, Dusk and Night Photography Tour, and Explore More Bath Photo Tour. Please contact us if you have questions about full day tours and lessons.

Where will we meet?

We usually meet outside the main entrance to Bath Abbey. However, we can also meet outside your home or hotel in Bath on request.

What should I bring?

Please bring clothing appropriate for the time of year and weather. A large umbrella and/or camera rain cover is also handy if it might rain. Any camera, lens etc is OK but please bear in mind that large lenses can be quite heavy to carry. We usually recommend a standard kit lens (eg 24-70mm for full frame or 18-55 for smaller DSLR sensors). Please don’t forget to bring sufficient memory cards and batteries for your camera.

There’s something specific I’d like to learn, or a particular type of photography I’d like to try

As all our tours are private we are very happy to adapt the tour to your needs and interests. Some people enjoy learning how to use their cameras on the aperture, speed or manual modes. Others want to work on a particular technique or kind of photography, such as street portraits, night photography, B&W, wireless flash, compositional techniques etc. We can also come up with a mini-project for the duration of the tour. Just let us know!

How far will we walk?

This is up to you. Some people prefer to explore as much or Bath as possible while others enjoy taking their time photographing a few locations in detail. Bath is quite hilly but we can find a level course (say, by the canal) if you want a leisurely stroll.

Will there be a break during the walk?

This is also up to you. Many people wish to make maximum use of the time to take as many photos as possible. Some prefer to have a quick break in one of Bath’s many tea shops. If you want to look over photos during the break please bring a tablet or laptop.

Is entrance to museums or other attractions included in the cost of the tour?

Entrance fees are not included in the tour. There is a voluntary entrance fee of £2.50 for Bath Abbey, which we sometimes visit on the tour. Other museums such as the Roman Baths can be included on request.

What will we do if it rains?

Tours will run in all weathers unless conditions are clearly hazardous, in which case participants can choose to rebook for a different time or to receive a full refund.

Believe it or not however, steady rain is quite rare in Bath. On a “wet” day, more typically, there are patches of or rain, cloud and sun. This can make for interesting photo opportunities! We can also pop into buildings such as the Abbey and Guildhall.

Other questions

Please contact us and we’ll get back to you straight away.