Prior Park


Prior Park Landscape Gardens are a lovely escape from the bustle of central Bath. As well as being absolutely stunning, they are almost deserted a lot of the time, which is great for photographers frustrated by tourists getting in the way! There’s a charge to get in unless you are a member of the National Trust. You can also see this location on our photo map of Bath.

The reason for them being so quiet is probably that they are up a steep hill on the edge of Bath (almost opposite the Bath Abbey Cemetery, another great place for photos) and there’s no parking, so visitors have a choice of a bus ride or a very bracing walk.


It’s worth it for the vista though, and a wide angle lens will be handy. Because the gardens are in a north-facing hollow, one part tends to be in the shade at any one time. There are nice shots from the top looking down at the Palladian bridge, and from the bottom looking up at the house that used to belong to Bath stone magnate Ralph Allen.

There are some friendly cows who live in the gardens and are very happy to have their photo taken. Watch your feet though!


Refreshments are available from the tea shop at the bottom of the gardens on the right.

[Update Jan 2016]

And a shot from last Autumn!

Prior Park Autumn