Private Photography Lessons

One-on-one or small group personal photography tuition. In Bath or at a nearby location of your choice.

About Private Photography Lessons

Our one-on-one and small-group photography tuition is a chance to improve your photography skills in the beautiful setting of Bath. Private photography lessons can also be arranged for other locations. Please contact us for details.

Our private photography lessons are completely customizable. So please let us know what camera you are using, what kind of photography you enjoy, and what you’d like to focus on in the lesson. If you often use your DSLR on its automatic settings we can help you try out aperture-priority or shutter-priority modes in the lesson. How about composition techniques such as the rule of thirds? Or you might want to try out a specific genre of photography, such as macro, architectural, or candid street portraits. It is up to you!

If you’d like the tour to include photo critique and editing, we can arrange an iMac with Adobe Photoshop software in central Bath. Or you may wish to bring your own laptop or tablet with appropriate card reader and software.

We will contact you beforehand to arrange a time and place, and to plan the contents of the lesson. Photography tuition is available for groups of up to four people.

How to book

Please contact us to arrange a time for your private photography lesson. A three-hour lesson costs £125 for the first person, plus £29 per additional person (maximum four people). Full day private photography lessons cost £250 for up to four people. We accept payment by paypal.

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Would you like to give personal photography tuition as a gift? Please see here for details. We will send you a unique code which the recipent(s) can use to book their lesson any time up to one year after payment.

Your Instructor

Tours are led by Tony McNicol who grew up in Bath and has spent 15 years working in the UK and Japan as a photojournalist and travel photographer. His photos have been published in media such as the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Wired Magazine and National Geographic News.

In addition to countless hours spent roaming and photographing the streets and hills of Bath, he has worked on assignment photographing everything from Arctic ice-flows to Tibetan bee farmers to sumo wrestlers training.

Terms and Conditions

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