Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge and a boat

Day or night, Bath’s Pulteney Bridge is always spectacularly photogenic.

Pulteney Bridge is right in the center of Bath, only a stone’s throw from the Abbey. Built in 1774, it spans the river Avon and connects the center of the city with the late-Georgian development of Great Pulteney Street. Famously, it’s one of only two bridges in Europe with houses on both sides. (The other is Florence’s Ponte Vecchio).

You’ll spot lots of photographers trying to take photos by leaning over the stone railings on the road by bridge (and holding tight onto their cameras, I hope). Here’s an example of a shot taken there.

Pulteney Bridge and seagull

That’s a tricky sport from which to compose a nice shot, though, so I recommend finding your way down to the opposite bank. A wide-angle will give you some great shots, especially around sunset. During the day boats cruise up and down the river. Seagulls can add a bit of interest too, although you can spend all day waiting for them to fly into just the right spot to complete your composition.

Pulteney Bridge

For a more unusual take on the bridge find your way round to the back. Like most of Bath’s Georgian architecture, the front facade got almost all the attention and money when it was built. But the back of the bridge is a fun jumble, and makes a go.

Pulteney Bridge back

Pulteney Bridge is a key feature of our Dusk and Night Photography Tours. During the day it can get quite crowded but it is much quieter at night. Quiet enough to attract some usually shy wildlife in fact. On one recent tour we spotted bats flitting around under the arches of the bridge!

Pulteney Bridge by Night

Puteney Bridge orange