The Roman Baths

Steamy Roman Baths

What better way to capture the essence of Bath than with a photo of the Roman Baths?

Roman Baths by Day

Bath’s hot springs, of course, give Bath its name and are the very literal source of the city’s popularity. The oldest remains date back to 60-70 AD, only a few decades after the Roman invasion of Britain. Then, as now, these were the only hot springs in the UK. And no doubt the Romans appreciated a bit of warmth and relaxation so far from balmy Italy.

Head of Minerva, Bath

A whopping one million plus visitors visit here each year, so you’ll want to come a relatively quiet time if you can. Earlier or late in the day tends to be better for photos. Some on this page were taken on a winter morning. I waited until the moment the museum opened, zipped through the displays, then got shots of the Baths before anyone arrived.

Summer mornings and reflections on the water can be pretty, but nothing beats steam rising over the Great Bath. When it’s very steamy you can have fun playing around with the light and the statues along the top of the Bath. (Victorian rather than original Roman, but no one will know!).

Steamy Roman Baths

Personally, I’ve found that the best spot is the corner of the great Bath furthest away from the Abbey. A wide angle and a low viewpoint will bring the Abbey into the photo. You can even use the columns and balcony as a kind of frame-within-a-frame. Just watch you don’t drop your camera into the water.

Another fun thing to do at the Roman Baths is to take portraits of the friendly and highly-photogenic costumed staff. Again, it helps to visit when there at a quieter time. Otherwise you will be cloning out tourists and selfie sticks when you get back home!

Roman in Cloak

Roman Baths Steamy Statues

We don’t usually visit the Roman Baths in our photo tours as much of the museum is indoors. But all our tours are private and customizable, so if you’d like to include the Roman Baths all you have to do is let us know.