The Secret Cemetery


This is surely one of the best kept photographic secrets in Bath. The Bath Abbey Cemetery is on Ralph Allen Drive, a short walk down the hill from Prior Park Gardens. It’s wild and overgrown and a wonderful place to take photographs as the summer sun goes down. You can also see this location on our photo map of Bath.

An ideal time to visit Bath Abbey Cemetery is an hour or so before sunset. Any later and the sun will disappear behind the bushes on the West of the cemetery. (These photos were taken at the end of May).


The cemetery is actually quite vast, and a great place for shooting into the light and experimenting with bokeh. Also it’s such a visually busy place that you really have to pay attention to the composition of your images.

The cemetery is about a mile from the center of Bath, so close enough to walk to. But if you are also visiting Prior Park Gardens you’ll probably have your transport to the top of the hill already worked out.


I’ve heard that deer occasionally make an appearance, but I haven’t been lucky yet. Be very careful that you don’t knock any of the headstones over. There may be no one to free you if you get trapped! I’ve been there several times and never met anyone else, never mind another photographer.

I think I’ll be back. There are probably some wonderful night-time or winter frost photos waiting to be taken here.

[Update Jan 2016]

A couple of frosty shots. I was hoping to shoot into the light, or at least get lots of sun reflecting off the frost. But tricky, because the sun doesn’t shine on to the cemetery until an hour or so after dawn when it’s already quite strong.

Abbey Cemetery January

Abbey Cemetery January